A minimalist web editing platform.

Quickly implement editing for any design, with your own markup & styles.

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In-context editing

Reduce guesswork by editing text content right in place, and previewing resized images before uploading. 

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Powerful structured forms

Make use of structured forms alongside in-context editing for complex solutions that closely model real-world data.

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Build with re-usable blocks

Stack components from a common library into unique, mobile-friendly pages for visual consistency.  

Reliable, secure, dev-friendly technology.

Join the static site revival without losing friendly web based editing.  

Backed by Google's Cloud Infrastructure

Rest easy knowing your data is accessible around the world, and safe from disaster, replicated in multiple Google datacenters.

Built on open standards

JSONSchema and Pug templating are the core of the developer workflow. This means your code can go anywhere, no worries about proprietary formats or lock-in.

Static HTML Output

Static websites are fast, hacker-resistant and scale globally to meet the highest traffic demands.  Sync to your on-premise servers for IT department compliance, or use our performance-tuned Flowpub solution.

Everything's a file

Developers love being able to sync and version control their entire solution with Foxflow – configuration and data included!